I have practised "handling" since 1996 . It is a professional presentation of the dog in the ring, which I learnt during the international "Young Presenter" competition . It consist in the best possible collaboration between presenter and his dog, showing dog with as good as possible grace, so as to emphasize its advantages and hide defects. It is very difficult especially for inexperienced presenters because requires a mass of patience and devoting oneself to what you are doing.


Very often I devote my free time to practise with dogs, which are exhibited afterwards. I do this because I always take care of everything what Is going on in the ring . Thanks to many years of experience I can cope with almost any dog. In my achievements are the representatives from all 10 groups of FCI. Size, race and even nature is not an obstacle for me. Each new dog is a challenge for me and I can take it up with pleasure. I shall be glad to help everyone who feels to have a lack of experience, or can not manage with their children.


Presentation of the dog in the ring is half of the battle how to succeed in the exhibition. Besides good exterior, this sort of work calls for something like "savoir-vivre" during the competition. Through all these years I have got a lot. I was vice-champion of Poland twice , many times "the winner of the day" but my biggest success was a trip to the United Kingdom where I took part in "Junior Handling" world championship on very prestigious "Cruft" dogs show. Then I was 11 yers old only. Many dogs that I had prepared and exhibited, won champion titles, the groups and "BIS".